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If you think the Olympics are all about getting a spot on that podium, think again. Some just want to be there.

Who will help Myanmar's Rohingya?

Meet Elizabeth Swaney from the US, who made it to the Winter Olympics with a. The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) has devised a new campaign that is aimed at fighting back against disinformation and fake news with a major focus on global media literacy, including.

Yingluck Shinawatra has been given a year visa from the British government, according to BBC Thai. CNBC Asia is a Southeast Asian pay television business channel in Asia.A subsidiary Of NBCUniversal, it is the Asian service of the CNBC (Consumer News and Business Channel).

It's programmes originate from Singapore, Hong Kong and Sydney.

BBC’s China editor Carrie Gracie resigns in protest over ‘illegal’ gender pay gap

List of BBC newsreaders and reporters Jump to navigation Jump to search. BBC Rico Hizon ♦ – Singapore (Asia Business Report, Newsday) Jonathan Head – South East Asia Correspondent – Bangkok; BBC News employs a number of business and sports presenters to anchor sections of news programmes.

Sport. Presenter. Jun 27,  · The interview took place at BBC's Hong Kong studio in Central which was featured in the Asia Business Report program on 23 June. BBC News Asia Business Report Interview Sport Today BBC.

Asia business report bbc sports
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